Water Drainage

In many areas the ability of soils to support a foundation is affected by the amount of water in the soils. Too much water can cause soils to be muddy, and a foundation can sink. Too much water, and expansive soils will lift a house up. Good foundation drainage helps to keep excess water away from a foundation and to prevent problems.
An hour after rain stops, do you have standing water within 10 feet of your foundation? If your answer is “Yes”, you may need drainage improvements.

We review what foundation drainage solutions you currently have as well measures things such as the slope away from the foundation.

Install Gutters and Downspouts

These are the first things added as they are the easiest way to drain a foundation.

Adjust Slopes

The next step is, if possible, to slope the ground away from the foundation. Typically, a slope of an inch a foot for 4 to 5 feet is adequate as long as water is not allowed to stand within 10 feet of a foundation.

Install Drains

If grading is not possible, area drains, drains that collect surface water are installed. In some situations, shallow French Drains are used as a solution.

Water Direction

Our focus is to, when possible, direct water into a street, drainage ditch, or swale. A swale is simply a very shallow ditch that is used to carry off water.

Even when there is adequate exterior surface drainage water can flow under the surface and get under a slab. We take water control to the next level. Based on how the water is flowing we use the following approaches:

Moisture Barriers

Moisture barriers are vertical layers of plastic that are buried in the ground. As water flows up against a moisture barrier, it is stopped and prevented from getting under a home.

French Drains

French Drains are trenches filled with gravel that have a drain line buried in the gravel. French drains are designed to intercept and remove underground water.

Under Slab Drains

Rarely, it is necessary to tunnel under a foundation and install drains in the tunnels to collect and remove water. Drainage tunnels are dug by hand and typically measure 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep.