When it comes to your home's foundation Accept no substitutes

Advanced House Leveling and Foundation Repair has been lifting homes for over 120 years. Trust your foundation to the most experienced company in Texas.


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Advanced Foundation Repair & House Leveling since 1897

The Meeks family has been serving Central Texas since 1897. Owner, Jimmy Meeks, started working with his father and grandfather at age 12 and has been lifting houses ever since.

With 4 generations of experience, personally, in concrete slab & pier & beam style houses, Jimmy and his team have firsthand experience on how to solve foundation and drainage issue most effectively for each situation.

Jimmy’s Philosophy: “ What would I do if it was Mama’s house.”

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A True Assessment: We take the time.

Our trained technicians will use the latest technology to do a full assessment of your home. Our unique evaluation process includes:

  • Creating a scale drawing of your home
  • Taking elevation readings throughout every room in your home
  • Creating a contoured diagram showing each one-half inch elevation change throughout the home.
  • Marking the diagram with significant evidence of movement and elevation change to help you understand what your house needs, if anything at all.

Why you should expect this from your foundation contractor?

Advanced Foundation Repair takes the time to accurately assess your home so that we can:

  • Show you where your home is within building tolerances or where you may need some work.
  • Explain more precisely where any work should begin and end.
  • Match real time measurements to the physical evidence of movement in your home.
  • Facilitate good communication and expectations for the work that will be done – No Surprises!


After our assessment of your foundation, our technician will sit down with you and explain the process and type of repairs that will best match your home’s needs. We will discuss the measurements and the physical evidence so that you can feel comfortable on why we are making our recommendation.

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“Four generations strong... and we still do business the way my great grandfather did.”
Jimmy Meeks
Jimmy Meeks is the current owner and operator of Advanced Foundation. He was born and raised in Central Texas. And has been leveling homes and repairing foundations his whole life. Jimmy will tell it to you straight and get the job done right!