At Advanced House Leveling & Foundation Repair, we put our foundation repair estimates in writing and provide a clear foundation repair diagram showing the location of the proposed foundation repair work. In fact, all our foundation repair dealings with you are in writing. You will never have to wonder what foundation repairs you are “getting” for your money. Whether you have a business or home, if you think your foundation has a problem, call us and we will come give you an evaluation.

Our inspectors will sit down with you and make sure you have a thorough understanding of just how foundation repair works to protect your investment in your home or business. We can provide an elevation survey and contour diagram in conjunction with your structural report, including computer precise CAD and/or CAI drawings.

Advanced House Leveling & Foundation Repair has been helping the citizens of Waco protect their building investments for over 100 years.


Meet Jimmy

As far back as I can remember, my dad would pick me up and take me to the job sites. Being with my dad at work was better than any day at Six Flags. He had a custom shovel that he made just for me and I would get in the hole next to him and dig like the grown men next to me. I am my families’ fourth generation owner. My great-grandfather Joseph, my grandad Albert Luis, and my father Harold laid the groundwork to allow me to keep the family tradition alive.

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Meet Jana

Jana moved to Waco about 5 years ago with her son who now attends Baylor University. She is the Vice President, but jokingly refers to herself as the ring master of the circus.

Jana says her greatest love and greatest accomplishment is her son. She loves her dogs and serves on the Robinson City Council. While she can be found at the gym at least two nights a week, you can be sure to find candy hidden in her desk drawers. Jana is the voice you hear in our commercials with the owner, Mr. Meeks. If she answers your call to the office, be sure to ask her “What’s in the cup?”


Meet Kenny

Kenny is a Dallas county resident who makes the daily drive with his crew to serve the Central Texas area. He has been doing foundation repair for 20 years. He specializes in slab foundations.

Kenny has two daughters who hold his heart. They are 3 and 6 and he cherishes his time with them. He also loves to play soccer! Kenny enjoys his work and takes pride in a satisfied customer and a job well done. If Kenny is your foreman, be sure to ask him if he won his last soccer game!


Meet Juan

Juan is a Temple area resident who has worked in the foundation repair field for over 15 years. He specializes in pier and beam adjustments and repairs.

Juan loves to spend time with his family and hunt. He doesn't have a favorite season of hunting, he loves them all! Another passion of his is watching the changes to someone's home though his work. Juan feels a sense of pride in a satisfied client and a well-adjusted foundation. If Juan is your foreman, be sure to ask him how his most recent hunting trip went!


Meet Wade

Wade is a Temple resident and handles most of the out-of-town inspections. He has been a Licensed Home inspector for 20 years. While he still holds this license, he loves to meet new people on his foundation repair estimates!

He loves his horses and his dogs. Wade and his wife have been married for 28 years with four kids and two grandkids. He is an active Master Mason and the current president of Temple Longhorn Riding Club. If Wade is your inspector, be sure to ask him how his daughters last barrel race went!

Great-grandad started this business in 1897. I have not always been the hardest worker, especially compared to the Meeks men before me (I can’t hold a candle to their work ethic) but they taught me that if you take care of a client, the rest will fall into place. I have been on the family payroll for 40 years now; my dad paid me $2.00 an hour way back then and provided lunch.

Today, Pop and I had lunch like we do every Tuesday and Thursday. As I watched this 82-year-old man waddle to his chair, I realized that if not for his hard work, and his patience teaching me, and leading by example, I would not be able to work all my life with my best friend. (Thank you, Pop! Love you!) All these years later, I pay for lunch now!